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Fast, dependable wordpress hostings services, fully managed for you

WordPress Hosting Services in uk. In order to have a website show up on the Internet, your website code has to be on a computer that is connected to the Internet and can serve web pages.

A web hosting company sells you space on their computers (web servers) so your website is on the Internet. If you don’t own a web server, and you do not know how to set one up and manage it, you need a web host.

What makes Woo 360 Hosting the best choice for hosting for our customers websites…

Firstly, your website is supported by WordPress Hosting  professionals. 100% UK-based, knowledgeable staff that are available 24/7 (not-outsourced), talk to real people who cut through the jargon and aim for a swift resolution to your issues. If you need to chat to someone, we have fully staffed live-chat where you can get an instant answer to your question day or night!

Types of Web Hosting to Consider when looking for web hosting service

There are different types of WordPress Hosting. Depending your web hosting needs, you may choose a different type of web hosting service than someone else. Things like volume of traffic you receive, amount of bandwidth needed or operating system you want to use could effect your choices.

Regardless of the type of hosting you buy, quality is a factor with all of them. Your website’s livelyhood depends on your web host. If the server goes offline, delivers your pages slow or has vulnerabilities, its effects your website/business.

I have found that most of my clients do not know how to research what type of wordpress hosting they need, and end up being frustrated with the poor quality service their worpress hosting provider delivers. Since the quality of web hosting effects how I can do my job, I began offering wordpress hosting packages to my clients as a value added feature to my web development services.

All-in-one WordPress Hosting services Provider

We’re proud (and our customers love) that we’re 100% UK based, we own and operate our own hosting infrastructure; enterprise-grade servers and systems based in our UK data centres. Delivering lightning-fast speeds for our customers within a fully optimised hosting environment, utilising: 100% SSD disks (for files, emails & databases) and advanced server caching rules with LiteSpeed technology; our hosting ensures responsive load-times for your website.