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Start selling on your Virtual Tour Ecommerce

Virtual Tour Ecommerce and Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming increasingly important as a marketing tool for businesses. It might sound futuristic and a bit of a novelty, but VR is making quite an impact and proving itself a valuable asset, particularly in elements of marketing such as customer service and live events.

Powerful hotspots

Hotspots are the essence of a virtual tour. They allow your audience to click on objects and discover information and details inside the scene.  The actions you can assign to a hotspot are many: Open a pop-up detail image, a 3D model, open a purchase window, a multifaceted info window, Ecommerce conection products, download a file or play audio, video

3d transition effect

The 3D animated transitions between “stops” will give you a natural impression of movement which you may know from 3D models and scans. Rather than jumps from one spot to another, this technology will make you feel as if you’re actually moving forwards towards the next position. All from pure photography.

Individual style elements

Skins are the frame of your virtual tours. They can include stickers, buttons, text boxes and logos that “float” on top of the virtual tour. A skin is what gives your virtual tour the look and feel of a custom presentation and should go hand-in-hand with your style guide or corporate identity.

vr ready

WooDigital360 Virtual Tours are VR compatible, which means they can be seen in “standard 360º” and in Virtual Reality. The simple push of a button will let your audience switch from one mode to the other.

We Create your own Virtual Reality Experience and share it as a link, which will play the immersive experience on most popular VR devices.

Maps, Floor Plans, Compass

Place maps or floor plans for orientation on top of your virtual tours. These can be equipped with hotspots, too, so that your audience can jump from room to room or even from floor to floor more quickly.

A radar tool indicates at all times in which direction the user is currently looking.

Embed external content

Apart from media imports into your virtual tour, you can also embed and pop up external content – say videos hosted on YouTube, Google maps, Ecommerce products or 3D models sourced from sites such as Sketchfab. This is an excellent way to make use of public material or minimize the size of your virtual tour file by uploading videos to YouTube and then sourcing them in the tour.

Woo Digital 360 partnership

Why we use Ecwid as our e-commerce platform for Our Virtual tour Reality Experience?

Ecwid is a cloud-based e-commerce platform used by over a million merchants in 175 countries. It simply is the easiest way to add an online store to any website or social media site, and to manage multiple sites at once. When you sign up for a free Ecwid account, you get everything you need to start selling online in minutes.

Ecwid easily integrates into any web presence and leading POS system, enabling you to market, merchandise and sell products and services from multiple online stores with mobile management and point-of-sale integration anywhere at any time

Virtual Tour Reality Shopping

Democratizing e-commerce for small business globally.

With Ecwid you can sell online simultaneously on multiple platforms at the same time: Starter Site, Websites, Facebook and social media, Marketplaces, Mobile app, Buy Buttons, POS, Android and iOS sell on the go app.

Integrates with existing website

Ecwid is a shopping cart which can be seamlessly integrated (embedded into) your existing website, business page on a social
network or your blog. It’s as  imple as adding a YouTube video.

Native Mobile app commerce (ShopApp)

With ShopApp Ecwid automatically creates and publishes a native mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play for merchants.


Ecwid is a PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service Provider, the gold standard for e-commerce solutions worldwide.

Add stores to social networks

Advertise and sell on multiple marketplaces like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Google Shopping, Shopzilla and more, to get your products in front of millions of active shoppers and boost sales.

Define Shipping Options

Setup different rates and carriers based on your preferences and customers’ needs.

Accept Payments

Choose from several different secure ways to accept payments among over 40 different payment options.

Ecommerce in your Own App

All your Ecommerce virtual tours, seen in Virtual Reality

Whether they are old or in the making. Your Ecommerce are already VR ready. Just place a VR button of your tour

Optimized for all devices

Tours created with Us are always and automatically compatible with all devices, PCs, Macs, tablets, iOS and Android phones – without the need to install any special drivers or software. But there’s more. Thanks to the flexibility of our design, we can create skins that adapt to the user’s screen size and resolution. Furthermore, the tour will realize from which device it is being opened and use the optimized media quality and frame rate to guarantee a flawless and fast-loading experience.

For web: Needs to uploaded to the internet – either your server or our optional hosting service. It consists of a few files and folders and you need to make sure that you upload all of them. This format will not work offline, so you cannot play it straight from your hard drive.

Click above to download an app version for you

Auto-executable: This format is intended for using it offline. Itconsists of one single file that includes all necessary files and folders required for the tour to run. This format is ideal for showing the tour in your computer, sharing via email or CD, DVD, USB drive.

Your own branded app

Want to be featured in Apple Store and Google Play?
No problem. We create, code and register your personal app to help you boost your business and get your tours to be seen. Showcase all of your tours in one app or have individual apps for each virtual tour, community, affiliate or brand under your umbrella.

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