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360° Live Streaming 4K

This option allows your event to be streamed live in 360 to Facebook and YouTube in 4K.

To be able to stream an event in 360 the camera needs to stitch together all six lenses in real-time. Its 6 independent HD lenses can capture 360-degree video in up to 8K resolution in both RAW and HDR. When in 4K mode, the camera can also record up to 100fps.

Imagine being at a conference or meeting and being able to choose where you look, for example:
– The presenter at the lectern
– The presentation graphics on the screen
– Someone in the audience asking question
– One of the panel replying

Viewing a 360 degree event requires no extra software or hardware; you simply open your favourite browser and watch the webcast as normal. You also have the option to fully submerse yourself in the event by wearing a VR headset.

Ideal for any event, including conferences, meetings and live stage shows.

We’re a full service agency offering all you need for a successful webcast.

360° VR live streaming offers the online viewer the very best seat in the house, creating an engaging and interactive experience with or without a VR headset.

360 Virtual Tour
360° Live Streaming

Support Virtual Reality Devices

Our software can stream to a wide range of virtual reality–enabled devices.

360° Live Streaming

Browser-Playback Compatible

Our technology enables high-quality, live 360° video in most modern browsers.

360° Live Streaming

Stream in 4K Resolution

Our camera gives you the ability to stream 360° video in 4K resolution.

360° Live Streaming

Real-Time Transcoding

Enable adaptive bitrate streaming with real-time transcoding.

Webcast Applications

360 Live Streaming services

Corporate Live Webcast

AGM, Investor Meets, Product Launches, Advertising, Corporate Addresses Lectures & Corporate Announcements etc.

Education and Instruction

College Events, Convocations, Annual day celebrations, Training and Coaching, Online Instruction, Web Based eLearning etc.

Events Business and Industry

Conferences, Seminars, Trade Fairs, Presentations, Commercial Events, etc.

Organizational and Entertainment

Music Concerts, Religious Ceremonies, Sporting Events, Press Conferences, wedding/ Marriages (WEDCAST) etc.

360° Live Streaming 4K Services

£ 2,000 Per day
  • Pre- Production
  • 360 video production
  • Go live in 360 to YouTube & Facebook