Aerial Filming & Photography

Our Professional drone capture stunning high resolution aerial photos and videos .

Whether it be for civil, artistic or personal use, aerial photography can capture in detail the most breathtaking sceneries and unforgettable moments. In addition, we are able to offer a 360º aerial panorama photography, which will give you a complete aerial view. Aereal Filming & PhotographyWoo Digital 360 can capture awesome shots thanks to our specially equipped drones for film production, outdoor and indoor event filming, and enabling other unique and original panoramic perspectives in high quality video. We obtain spectacular results thanks to the advanced stabilization systems, both for the Drone and its filming system. We provide up to 4K quality filming and high definition drone aerial photography for a range of service areas including: Weddings & Events, Advertising & Marketing, Inspection & Surveys, Indorr virtual tours, Property and anything else you have in mind

Indoor Flying

We love doing things differently at Woo 360 and flying indoors enables us to do just so. Our pilots have great technical ability and are experts at navigating around tight spaces.

Indoor Flying

With a range of drones available we can cater for almost any camera and lens combination. Our Small proffesional Spark DJI has a payload of lees than 1 Kg

Flight Time

We appreciate the importance of time when aerial filming hence we have invested in a large number of batteries to keep the camera rolling. With a quick battery change between flights we can be continuously flying throughout the day if necessary.