Virtual staging and interior design in virtual tours

Virtual Staging by clicking wall switching colors

Choose the finish for each wall, then observe how the interior design it all comes together to make the “ideal” kitchen. This brief demonstration highlights the benefits of using our services for virtual staging.

We designed a number of ways for visitors to click through and switch between the various colors, with the simplest being to click directly on the area in issue and alternate between the materials with subsequent clicks. It’s up to you whatever choice you prefer.

The tour may be viewed in virtual reality, allowing visitors to experience the alterations made in a much more realistic manner.
And the applied material choice is much more effectively observed when we feel as though we are physically in the area and can observe how each material choice alters it.

Our clients can more easily picture a design as their own by using virtual staging, which is an effective strategy.

When seeing a interior design, prospective clients frequently find it difficult to picture how they can use and alter a space. When a property is staged, 81% of potential clients find it easier to see it as their future interior design.

Dual Visors options for Virtual Staging.

With it, we may view two distinct panoramas on a split screen simultaneously, linked such that when we move one, the other follows suit.

Comparing different representations of the same location is particularly helpful since it makes it very simple to see discrepancies between one and the other because the camera always repositions the two at the same location.

Even better, we can click and drag the divider bar to adjust how much space is displayed for each of them. There are a tonne of potential applications for it, and we only cover a small portion of them in this tour.

Consider a space that is decorated in two distinct ways. It is highly easy to be able to walk around it and compare the two styles at all times using this feature, recognising the variations in each area or component.

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Dual Viewers - split