Using Augmented reality (AR) & Virtual reality (VR) content on a Woocommerce Website

Virtual reality (VR)

Continues to rise in popularity as the previously prohibitive expensive hardware needed to run it becomes more affordable. Companies are investing heavily in its expansion and increased appeal by creating dedicated media, games and building rich marketing experiences that utilize the technology. With each passing year as computer processing and internet speeds become faster, VR comes closer to fulfilling its awesome potential, with the next leap in the technology promising to be the most significant.

Augmented reality (AR)

Is even farther down that path. AR has been a
viable platform and has been in use for quite some time to often huge
success with smartphone apps such as the massively popular Pokemon game.
AR can also be used to preview physical products in real-world
environments, provide informative overlays for directions, or even
participate in the use of shared digital environments.

At the other end of the spectrum is something that’s been mainstream for years: WordPress. A website platform with incredible versatility through its robust feature set and wide-ranging flexibility. WordPress can be used to construct the most basic beginners blog, all the way up to a super professional high-end business website. WordPress users of all types love choosing from the countless available plugins and themes to customize their sites and experiment with new tools and methods.

by wmullins

Sample VR and AR Woocomerce

Virtual Tour for restaurants

Restaurants VR/AR Menu Woocommerce

Shopping Virtaul Tour eCommerce

Shopping VR Woocommerce

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