Magical Virtual Gallery Tour for artist

Magical Virtual Gallery Tour for Sammito Arts

Creativity takes courage.

Characterized by the use of strong colors that hint at strength, passion, motivation. I also use the relevant and explosive nuances of our tropic and hot Venezuela seeking to convey to people a message that excites, affects and transports them out of routine and occupations, providing and reflecting the love of life and nature.

Finishing with a touch of three x marked in each work and in view of the admirers in any space of it, this being remarkable in my paintings as the author of the work … (it is a main and significant feature).

Magical Virtual Gallery Tour for artist

About Sammito Arts

I am always looking for ways to instruct myself day by day about art, thus making room for a very important place in my life. I have continuously learned to enrich my works, creating and expressing with great freedom and creative force my passion and wishes on canvas. There in the midst of a deep connection with my feelings, I catch something that will remain forever captured through color, a shape, a stain or a shadow. In each work, I represent my world and inner experiences.

I hide under an apparent simplicity, a curiosity that constantly drives me to face changes and novelties, always trying to unite the near with the distant, the material with the spiritual, the terrestrial with divine aspiration, with faith and serene naivety, always in need of put new ideas to the test, seized by the enthusiasm and unique concerns.

I am fully satisfied with abstraction, a tendency to use in my canvases which I feel allows me to express myself more freely. Thus showing everything I feel and think, using colors to express my emotions and soul states.

I thank God for giving me this gift that I use to transmit it to everyone in the world with much love, and above all, the immense forces that I have and impose in each work … thus showing Faith, personality, courage, strength, optimism, a celebration of love, inner freedom, spirituality.

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